Current Projects: Customer Database

Customer Database
Customer Database

This project is still being used by a client, and I’ve smudged out some test entries.

This project started back in 2010 and I made the first version back then. It was meant to be used in intranet and hold a customer database entries for several different offices.

Since it’s still in use, I won’t go into too many details, but the current version has been updated for internet use. Documents are scanned at each office, sent on the system and then handled by the officer workers.

Documents are attached to each customer and can be viewed, and the customer data can be edited easily.

Updates last year included using DataTables, an AJAX table + search system to provide a bit faster searching and an external two-phase login system to grant security in the move from intranet to internet.

Overall the project was great, it was my first real website that could be called a software, so I was pretty happy with it. Again, to save costs, it looks a little bit basic but is very functional.

I do not own rights to this product either.

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