Pre-2010 projects: A counter-strike clan web pages

Clan Ei Keksitty Nimee homepage
Clan Ei Keksitty Nimee homepage

Clan Ei Keksitty Nimee [ekn] was one of my first online gaming clans I joined around year 2000 or so. We were pretty average finnish Counter-Strike 1.6 clan back then, and we competed around 5 years in ClanBase, a gaming ladder organization which has been closed long ago.

As an effort to promote the clan and make us feel a bit more professional around in 2004-2005, I made a web pages for us. It’s one of my first PHP projects (after my own home pages) so the project is a fond memory to me.

Back then Joomla and WordPress weren’t a thing, so you had to do everything by yourself.

I never was that great with graphics, so L0om, one of the members in clan, copy pasted the then popular badger from the “badger badger badger snake” song over a vesuvian man picture found from the internet to create this now instant classic hit layout for the page.

The site layout was designed for a 800×600 screen, as that was a standard back then and things like dynamic (or reactive) web pages weren’t really a thing yet.

Page used a news system “NAnews” from, and I modified it to suit my purposes slightly. It was pretty revolutionary system back then, when mysql wasn’t a thing on every site. It allowed the site admin to type news and save them as a text file on server, where they were loaded and shown at the front page.

It seems like still redirects to a company called Evecy, which seems to be a some kind of ICT consulting company, so I’m glad that they landed on their feet as well.

It was also the first time I used some kind of an API, even thought back then I probably didn’t even know what an API is. The site used to load all of our games, reports, screenshots and rank from the ClanBase page, but unfortunately that system is now broken due to ClanBase dying years ago.

While doing web pages with software like Frontpage was becoming more and more popular, I’m proud to say that I only used Notepad to make these pages, and all the html and php is typed by hand.

The site is one of the only ones still standing, so visit it while you can at



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