Pre-2010: cFIN Clan Pages


Clan Finland was a Ghost Recon clan I was part of back in 2003 or so. We used to play the game competitively in ClanBase.

I wanted to make web pages to the clan and with some graphical help from other members, I made these pages once again with a notepad.

cFIN pages were probably one of the first I made after my own home pages, so it was a special project.

It was also made to work without a database, using the NAnews system I mentioned in Ei Keksitty Nimee project page and otherwise using text files to function.

Overall it was a nice system, we had an ability to make battle reports and grant members tour of duty ribbons to mark up who was part of what battle and while the text is now not inside of the box anymore, it still looks surprisingly good.

It was also the first project where I used javascript based tooltips based on some ready to go library.

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