Pre-2010: My homepages over time

Original Hompegas
Original Homepages

Well, these were my very first web pages. I smudged some information just in case, back then oversharing wasn’t a thing, but now you probably should think a bit before sharing stuff. 🙂

Most of the files here date back to 2001, but I’m fairly certain these are actually even older, probably somewhere around 1997 – 1998.

In anycase, I made these pages with notepad as well, and they used very basic HTML with frames, so there were no actual dynamic content in it. On a plus side, they still work without a server with just a browser.

Even back then my design was a little bit.. weird, for some reason I thought it would be cool to split the pages black and white.

I also spent countless hours typing Metallica song lyrics and Baldur’s Gate items into the web pages.

Hands of Takkok
Hands of Takkok, item found in Baldur’s Gate game.

Luckily the website is now long gone, as Tripod dumped all old websites years ago.

Later versions:

Homepages. 2003
Homepages. 2003

Next version I have were from 2003, these pages actually ran on my own computer with Apache, so every time I shut my computer the pages went down. Also, with my 256/256 ADLS, the traffic wasn’t probably that high.

But, they were made in basic PHP and HTML and it was still a learning process.


Homepages, 2004
Homepages, 2004

In 2004 I still ran the website from my computer but I decided to remove the graphics to reduce bandwidth usage. So were born the non-graphical homesite. They were still pretty much same PHP code than before.

After this I finally gave up and went for the DataGnomes concept.

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