Current Projects: Customer Database

Customer Database
Customer Database

This project is still being used by a client, and I’ve smudged out some test entries.

This project started back in 2010 and I made the first version back then. It was meant to be used in intranet and hold a customer database entries for several different offices.

Since it’s still in use, I won’t go into too many details, but the current version has been updated for internet use. Documents are scanned at each office, sent on the system and then handled by the officer workers.

Documents are attached to each customer and can be viewed, and the customer data can be edited easily.

Updates last year included using DataTables, an AJAX table + search system to provide a bit faster searching and an external two-phase login system to grant security in the move from intranet to internet.

Overall the project was great, it was my first real website that could be called a software, so I was pretty happy with it. Again, to save costs, it looks a little bit basic but is very functional.

I do not own rights to this product either.

Current Projects: Custom Time Reservation System

Time Reservation System
Time Reservation System

This is a custom time reservation system I made for a client as a real job, and sorry, it’s only available in finnish. As it is still in use and being developed, I won’t go that much into details, but it features multiple different offices and the price system is quite complicated, making it possible to handle variable amount of slots and prices in a one slot.

I’ve been doing this in a short stints, the first version came out in 2010 and since that it has been developed a lot, now it uses more modern approach with jQuery Mobile for reactive layout and styling, some elements are using full AJAX and over all, while it’s still based on a very old, basic PHP I made back in 2010, it has a lot of new stuff in it and it has been converted to modern PHP.

It used to use Zend library, but after they didn’t update some features anymore, it is now based on some Google libraries and mostly on my own code.

Also, most of the online payBackend admin panelment system is provided by Maksukaista / PayByWay. I only made the integration to my custom system.

There is also an extensive, custom backend system for customizing the prices and so on, but for security reasons I won’t mention more about it. It looks a bit raw to minimize the costs involved, but is very functional.

Backend admin panel
Backend admin panel

Check out the whole site at if you want to see it in action, or are in need of car inspection. 🙂

Rights to the code and program belong to also, so if you are interested in it, contact there for more information.

Current projects: XCOM 2 Mods

Ammo And Vest Slots mod
Ammo And Vest Slots mod

For those who are not familiar with the XCOM 2 game, it’s a 2016 released tactical squad based game with turn based combat from 2k. It is a second game made in the spirit of it’s original, 90’s game called “X-COM: Enemy Unknown” which has been often called to be one of the best turn based games. You can find more info about the game from their site

The game is made with Unreal 3 engine and offers it’s whole unrealscript (that’s a huge, huge part of the game) to modders for easy modifications. It’s amazing how much freedom you can have modifying this game, and while I spent considerable amount of time doing my mods, I only touched the surface of the code.

Unrealscript is a script used only in older Unreal engines and is discontinued product. It is based off of Java, so I’ve read that the structure and most of the commands are similar, or same than in Java. I personally have never done anything in Java so I cannot be so sure about that (dodged that hype train).

XCOM2 ModBuddy and part of the source code of my mod. Modfiles include the full source code if you’re interested, check the links below for DL.

The SDK is called “XCOM2 ModBuddy” and it’s a customized Microsoft Visual Studio application as everyone who has ever used them lately will probably recognize.

As with coding in general, I feel like the mod has still some room to grow, and it’s hard to call something “finished”. I have made a bug fix patch which will be released soonish, but I still think I need to make some more changes before I call it done.

Check out the mods at

Ammo and Vest Slots

High Quality Ammo

HQ Ammo Mod
HQ Ammo Mod