Pre-2010: My homepages over time

Original Hompegas
Original Homepages

Well, these were my very first web pages. I smudged some information just in case, back then oversharing wasn’t a thing, but now you probably should think a bit before sharing stuff. 🙂

Most of the files here date back to 2001, but I’m fairly certain these are actually even older, probably somewhere around 1997 – 1998.

In anycase, I made these pages with notepad as well, and they used very basic HTML with frames, so there were no actual dynamic content in it. On a plus side, they still work without a server with just a browser.

Even back then my design was a little bit.. weird, for some reason I thought it would be cool to split the pages black and white.

I also spent countless hours typing Metallica song lyrics and Baldur’s Gate items into the web pages.

Hands of Takkok
Hands of Takkok, item found in Baldur’s Gate game.

Luckily the website is now long gone, as Tripod dumped all old websites years ago.

Later versions:

Homepages. 2003
Homepages. 2003

Next version I have were from 2003, these pages actually ran on my own computer with Apache, so every time I shut my computer the pages went down. Also, with my 256/256 ADLS, the traffic wasn’t probably that high.

But, they were made in basic PHP and HTML and it was still a learning process.


Homepages, 2004
Homepages, 2004

In 2004 I still ran the website from my computer but I decided to remove the graphics to reduce bandwidth usage. So were born the non-graphical homesite. They were still pretty much same PHP code than before.

After this I finally gave up and went for the DataGnomes concept.

Pre-2010: cFIN Clan Pages


Clan Finland was a Ghost Recon clan I was part of back in 2003 or so. We used to play the game competitively in ClanBase.

I wanted to make web pages to the clan and with some graphical help from other members, I made these pages once again with a notepad.

cFIN pages were probably one of the first I made after my own home pages, so it was a special project.

It was also made to work without a database, using the NAnews system I mentioned in Ei Keksitty Nimee project page and otherwise using text files to function.

Overall it was a nice system, we had an ability to make battle reports and grant members tour of duty ribbons to mark up who was part of what battle and while the text is now not inside of the box anymore, it still looks surprisingly good.

It was also the first project where I used javascript based tooltips based on some ready to go library.

Pre-2010: Original Datagnome’s Site

Original Datagnomes site from 2008
Original Datagnomes site from 2008

This was the original site I made for the now removed url back in 2008. As it was a custom in my projects back then, it was centered layout with 800×600 as a resolution.

I rented a virtual server to host these sites, so it was a debian server running apache, just like it is today.

That was a time when both wordpress and Joomla were out, but I deemed them to be overly complicated and I decided to make my own website engine.

It integrated into phpBB, using its login and account management system to authenticate users and offer seamless login to the forums.

It also had database based system where you could dynamically add menu items and content, without need to edit the files via editor. This version is lacking those features as setting them up to be functional again would be a lot of work.

I still had no clue about web design, so I figured out that green is a good color to go. There was an even more greener version, but after some feedback I reduced it to this.

Rounded corners were a hot feature back then, and there was a javascript library which handled those so I included that as a feature.

Ultimately I abandoned this project due to not having any use for it, and as both Joomla and WordPress started to really dominate as the easy to use and setup system.

It was still around for a long time between 2008 and 2011, until I moved to Joomla. And then WordPress. And then WordPress again. This might be a fourth completely clean wordpress install right now.

All pictures were from a game called Eve-Online, a game which I used to play a lot. Also, the Jagged Alliance 2 section held my JA2 mod page, which I will probably put up as a separate project as it was my entry into C++.

Code Snippet
Code Snippet

As you can see from the code snippet, back then it was still largely accepted in the industry to vomit PHP in middle of HTML in smaller projects.

Pre-2010 projects: A counter-strike clan web pages

Clan Ei Keksitty Nimee homepage
Clan Ei Keksitty Nimee homepage

Clan Ei Keksitty Nimee [ekn] was one of my first online gaming clans I joined around year 2000 or so. We were pretty average finnish Counter-Strike 1.6 clan back then, and we competed around 5 years in ClanBase, a gaming ladder organization which has been closed long ago.

As an effort to promote the clan and make us feel a bit more professional around in 2004-2005, I made a web pages for us. It’s one of my first PHP projects (after my own home pages) so the project is a fond memory to me.

Back then Joomla and WordPress weren’t a thing, so you had to do everything by yourself.

I never was that great with graphics, so L0om, one of the members in clan, copy pasted the then popular badger from the “badger badger badger snake” song over a vesuvian man picture found from the internet to create this now instant classic hit layout for the page.

The site layout was designed for a 800×600 screen, as that was a standard back then and things like dynamic (or reactive) web pages weren’t really a thing yet.

Page used a news system “NAnews” from, and I modified it to suit my purposes slightly. It was pretty revolutionary system back then, when mysql wasn’t a thing on every site. It allowed the site admin to type news and save them as a text file on server, where they were loaded and shown at the front page.

It seems like still redirects to a company called Evecy, which seems to be a some kind of ICT consulting company, so I’m glad that they landed on their feet as well.

It was also the first time I used some kind of an API, even thought back then I probably didn’t even know what an API is. The site used to load all of our games, reports, screenshots and rank from the ClanBase page, but unfortunately that system is now broken due to ClanBase dying years ago.

While doing web pages with software like Frontpage was becoming more and more popular, I’m proud to say that I only used Notepad to make these pages, and all the html and php is typed by hand.

The site is one of the only ones still standing, so visit it while you can at